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Clandestine Lab Response Pak™ The Clandestine Lab Response Pak™ is the perfect choice for those situations that a flash fire is a possibility. DuPont's Tychem® ThermoPro® is flash fire resistant and still offers the chemical protection of NFPA 1992 certified garments and includes your choice of gas mask.

Chem-Bio Response Pak™ The Chem-Bio Response Pak™ is the perfect choice for any Level C situation where unknown chemical agents may play a part in the situation. You can choose your favorite Chem-Bio apparel and gas mask.

Chem-Bio Suit Pak™ The Chem-Bio Suit Pak™ is identical to the Chem-Bio Response Pak™ but doesn't include a gas mask. These Paks are perfect if you already have your own gas mask.

Pandemic Response Pak™ It has been speculated by most health care professionals that the bird flu pandemic is just around the corner. Our recommendation is that you be ready by supplying yourselves with our Pandemic Response Pak™. Every Pak is customizable to suit your needs.