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SafetyTech National Guard Kit w/ Hydration
SafetyTech National Guard Kit w/ Hydration


The National Guard PAPR Kit with Hydration was originally developed with, and issued to, the National Guard CERF-P teams and is designed to provide respiratory protection in the event of a WMD incident in a non-IDLH environment. The added protection of positive airflow was deemed necessary for completing tasks required such as search, rescue, recovery and decontamination. The N-60175-001 updates the standard kit to include a complete hydration system, mask and filter pouch, and filter covers.

Due to its military origins, the C420 blower, by design, is air-tight and can be effectively decontaminated of toxic particulates, chemicals, and all known military CBRN agents. A field-installable hydration port may be installed in either Promask 2000 filter port and connects to a hydration system. A tactical gas mask pouch is included for convenient storage of the Promask 2000 when not in use.

  • Lightweight, Low profile & Comfortable
  • Reduces Pulmonary Stress
  • Preserves Strength and Mental Acuity
  • Complete Hydration System
  • Maximum Protection at Affordable Price
  • Helps Ensure Mission Success
  • Higher Protection Factor than Mask alone
  • Decontaminable
  • Battlefield Proven Technology
  • Search & Rescue
  • Recovery
  • Decontamination Teams
  • First Responder
  • First Receiver
  • Meth Lab Clean Up
  • SWAT

National Guard Kit Includes:
Part Number: Description:
M-60031-001 C420 Blower, Single-Speed Toggle
10072237 GME Multi-Gas/ Multi-Hazard HE Cartridges (2ea)
S-30020-001 C420 Airflow Indicator (AFI)
M-40023-001 Promask 2000 Full Facepiece
S-30013-001 Breathing Tube Assy. w/90° Swivel
S-30021-001 Decon. Belt Assy., 70" Lg. x 2" Wide
M-20020-001 LiSO2, BA-5800/U Disposable 8 hr mission battery
S-20040-001 Universal Rapid Battery Charger w/ (2) NiMh Rechargeable Batteries, w/(1) Cap
S-10079-001 Molded Carrying Case (19” x 14” x 7.125”)

MFG Model #: N-60175-001 - Part #: P3006 - Price per EA(1 unit): Call for pricing!!!
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