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SafetyTech PureAir™ Bio-Response Kit
SafetyTech PureAir™ Bio-Response Kit

Safety Tech PureAir Bio-Response Kit™

Protect your Hospital, Lab, or Clean Room Staff

The PureAir Bio-Response Kit™ is a complete PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) system, featuring loose fitting head covers. The PAPR delivers a constant flow of purified air into the head cover providing positive airflow and protection against biological and particulate contaminants. The PureAir system is easy to store and deploy. Three convenient and fully integrated battery options are available. Only SafetyTech International PureAir Bio-Response Kit™ offers:

  • U.S. Military-Proven Lightweight Motor Blower Technology
  • Fully Integrated Battery Compartment Separated from Air Delivery System.
  • NiMH Rechargeable Batteries; Single 8-hr. Disposable Battery or a (4) D-Cell Battery Pack for 12+ hrs of operation.
  • Disposable Tyvek QC Head Covers with Snap-Fit Connector.
  • Worry-Free Battery Management Plan

  • Hospitals / Emergency Depts.
  • Medical Disaster Response
  • Infectious Disease Labs
  • Laboratories
  • Clean Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical Mfg.

  • Top-Down Air Delivery System
  • Wide, Ear-to-Ear Clear Lens w/
    Protective Storage Covering
  • Tyvek® QC Headcover Material
  • Disposable Headpiece w/ Snug
    Fit Band
  • Moisture Absorbent Interior Head
  • Two High Efficiency Particulate Filters
  • All-In-One Battery/Blower/Filter Unit
  • 3 Battery Options including Standard
  • Visor Style Permits Use of
    Stethoscope and Telephones
  • Positive Airflow is Safe and
  • Wear with Facial Hair & Eyeglasses
  • Military Proven PAPR Design
  • *NIOSH Approved (TC21C0788)
  • Easy Battery Management Plan
  • Fit Testing Not Required

Visor Style
Visor Style
Cape Style
Cape Style

MFG Model #: N-6016X-001 - Part #: P4000 - Price per EA(1 unit): Call for pricing!!!
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