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SafetyTech National Guard Kit
SafetyTech National Guard Kit

TC-23C-2188, TC23C-2308, TC-84A-3320, TC-84A-4524

The C420 National Guard PAPR Kit was originally developed with, and issued to, the National Guard CERF-P teams and is designed to provide respiratory protection in the event of a WMD incident in a non-IDLH environment. The added protection of positive airflow was deemed necessary for completing tasks required such as search, rescue, recovery and decontamination.

SafetyTech International NIOSH-Approved C420 PAPR systems feature the powerful and efficient C420 blower. During use, ambient air is pulled through two combination cartridges by the battery powered C420 blower to supply a constant filtered airflow into the selected face mask.

The cooling effect of over four cubic-feet-per-minute of constant, filtered, airflow into the mask provides a high degree of comfort, prevents fogging, greatly reduces pulmonary stress, and helps preserve user strength and mental acuity and also reduces any feelings of claustrophobia.

A C420 PAPR system is lightweight, low-profile, and comfortable to wear. In emergency operations it will help ensure your mission success by extending operational performance, even after extended wear times in humid, heated and highly stressful missions, and provides a significantly higher safety factor (due to positive pressure in the mask), than would be possible, or practical, using gas masks alone.

Due to its military origins, the C420 blower, by design, is air-tight and can be effectively decontaminated of toxic particulates, chemicals, and all known military CBRN agents.

The C420 is available with a variety of primary (10-year shelf-life) and economical long-life rechargeable or disposable alkaline battery power options. Universal chargers are available for all rechargeable battery types.

  • Lightweight, Low profile & Comfortable
  • Reduces Pulmonary Stress
  • Preserves Strength and Mental Acuity
  • Maximum Protection at Affordable Price
  • Helps Ensure Mission Success
  • Higher Protection Factor than Mask alone
  • Decontaminable
  • Battlefield Proven Technology
  • Search & Rescue
  • Recovery
  • Decontamination Teams
  • First Responder
  • First Receiver
  • Meth Lab Clean Up
  • SWAT

National Guard Kit Includes:
Part Number: Description:
M-60031-001 C420 Blower, Single-Speed Toggle
10072237 GME Multi-Gas/ Multi-Hazard HE Cartridges (2ea)
S-30020-001 C420 Airflow Indicator (AFI)
M-40023-001 Promask 2000 Full Facepiece
S-30013-001 Breathing Tube Assy. w/90° Swivel
S-30021-001 Decon. Belt Assy., 70" Lg. x 2" Wide
M-20020-001 LiSO2, BA-5800/U Disposable 8 hr mission battery
S-20040-001 Universal Rapid Battery Charger w/ (2) NiMh Rechargeable Batteries, w/(1) Cap
S-10079-001 Molded Carrying Case (19” x 14” x 7.125”)

MFG Model #: N-60122-001 - Part #: P3005 - Price per EA(1 unit): Call for pricing!!!
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