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General Lightweight Field Shower System
General Lightweight Field Shower System
Lightweight Field Shower System
  • 4 removable stalls, incoming plumbing with shower heads and drains lines
  • Walk-in height with built-in floors, doors and skylights
  • Lightweight, comact an portable-2 bags; 75 lbs. (34 kg.) each, which includes shower stalls, shower heads, drain lines, etc.
  • Shelter size 8' x 12' (2.4m x 3.7m) with 7'2" (2.2m) maximum height
  • Each stall has area for temporary storage or clothes, bag for toilet articles
  • Low pressure air beam structure with manual inflator included
  • Can be erected in 7 minutes
  • With shower stalls removed, shelter can be used as command post, sleeping quarters, etc.
  • Use for personal hygiene or hazardous material decontamination
  • For night use, each stall has facilities for hanging flashlight or chemical light stick
  • Removable tent cover
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Test to withstand 30 mpg (48km) winds
  • Accessible from all 4 sides; sides can be opend for ventilation
  • Showers where you need them and when you want them
  • System burns fuel to heat water, uses DC power from a vehicle to run shower pump and controls
  • Can easily provide 24 showers per hour
  • Simple to set up and operate; up and operational within 15 minutes
Includes Field Shower Unit Water Heater
  • Supplies water for 4 continous showers
  • Accessory tray (included) which attaches to bottom of heater to store hoses, cables, tent stakes, spray gun, etc.
  • Lightweight, compact and portable - 75 lbs. (34 kg.) / 20" x 13" x 21" (51cm x 33 cm x 53 cm) with accessory tray attached
  • Fast - start taking showers 10 minutes after heater is started
  • Pulls water from any source - tank, steam, city water, etc.
  • Water is pressurized, heated to a selected temperature an discharged shower heads
  • Fully automatic with self diagnostics
  • Self-contained, safe to operate
  • Quick disconnect fittings
  • Energy efficient - burns 1/4 gallon (1 liter) fuel per hour
  • Burns JP4, JP8, diesel, fuel oil #1 & 2, kersosene and arctic
  • 12 or 24 volt models availabe; 115 volt AC power adapter available
  • No dedicated personnel required to operate

NSN 4510-01-409-0139

MFG Model #: MFX2710 - Part #: C1003 - Price per EA(1 unit): Call for pricing!!!
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