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North North 7900 Series Emergency Escape Mouthbit Respirators
North North 7900 Series Emergency Escape Mouthbit Respirators
North Safety Products has improved our 7900 Series Emergency Escape Mouthbit Respirators so they are now more comfortable, easier to use, and more accessible to grab and go without leaving the respirator exposed when not in use.

The new mouthpiece is made from soft silicone, the very same design and material used in snorkeling equipment. The nose clip is also redesigned and features a flexible silicone nose pad. This all adds up to a more comfortable and secure fit for more facial types. Other features include the double bag storage system that will keep the Mouthbit Respirator enclosed when not in use, yet easily accessible in an emergency.

In addition to these design improvements, North Safety Products has added Hydrogen Fluoride to the list on contaminants the Acid Gas Escape Respirator will protect against. These lightweight and portable escape respirators are ideal for environments where office workers and other non-respirator users could potentially be exposed during an accidental release of contaminants.

Soft silicone material
  • More comfortable to wear for longer periods when the escape route may be several minutes.
  • Pliable to conform to wearer's mouth.
  • Hypoallergenic.
Wider opening
  • More secure grip - easier to hold on to.
  • Feels more natural, more comfortable to wear.
Soft texture
  • Superior grip.
  • Facilitates periodic leaning of mouthpiece, such as after training of when dispensed to Factory visitors.
Nose Clip
Soft, flexible nose pads
  • More comfortable and secure on the nose.
Larger pads
  • Closes the nostrils more effectively without pinching.
Wider clip
  • Fits a wider variety of facial types, including people with broad nose bridges.
Balanced spring
  • Holds firmly without pinching.
Storage and Carrying Bag (Sold Separately)
Zip lock inner bag
  • Keeps the Escape Respirator clean and in a ready to use condition.
  • Easy to open in an emergency.
  • Re-sealable so the same respirator can be used for training.
  • Respirator can be taken out of the bag for periodic inspection.
Cloth Carrying Bag
  • Protects the respirator during storage and when worn by worker.
Belt loops with snap
  • Easy to attach to worker's belt.
Velcro closure
  • Easy to open in an emergency.

North 7902 Emergency Escape Mouthbit Respirator North 7904 Emergency Escape Mouthbit Respirator NIOSH Approval Information
North Emergency Escape Mouthbit Respirators are approved for escape only. Not for use in environments that are or could potentially become Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH).

North 7902 Mourthbit Repirator
Chlorine Dioxide
Hydrogen Chloride
Hydrogen Fluoride
Hydrogen Sulfide
Sulfur Dioxide
North 7904 Mouthbit Respirator

MFG Model #: 7900 - Part #: R5950 - Price per CASE(10 units): $188.79
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