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TriCon Environmental, Inc. Volunteer Management System

TriCon Environmental, Inc. Volunteer Management System Software
During hurricanes Katrina and Rita, hundreds of pre-recruited Medical Reserve Corps and spontaneous volunteers were processed, trained and supported using an integrated platform solution. It´s called the Volunteer Management System (VMS).

Let TriCon Emergency Management Systems, Inc. help you prepare for any natural or man-made disaster . Our years of experience training healthcare institutions have enabled us to offer the ultimate in readiness – the Volunteer Coordination Center .

The VMS is a secure, proven software solution that provides real time tracking of organized, available, trained and qualified volunteers who can help:
  • Increase community emergency response capacity .
  • Facilitate communication, coordination and collaboration between volunteer services with other community volunteer programs.
  • Provide a venue for volunteers to train and contribute to the resolution of problems and needs throughout the year.
  • Recruit and manage volunteers during day-to-day operations AND disaster response.
  • Provide volunteers with an online orientation and information about their responsibilities.
  • The VMS is a user friendly tool for processing, managing and developing volunteers before, during and after disasters.
Process Volunteers Volunteers can self-register on the internet, on location or over the phone. An authorized administrator screens and qualifies volunteers before they can be assigned a job responsibility and training plan. Information about their qualifications and certifications, availability and volunteer demographics are all captured and tracked.

The system enables:
  • Verifying volunteer credentials.
  • Updating of their profiles by volunteers from any internet accessible computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Manage and Track Volunteers Catalogue volunteers to match skills quickly and efficiently with the most critical incident response personnel needs. Plus:
  • Access various categories of volunteers including medical and non-medical — sample job roles come pre-loaded.
  • Track verification of background checks, certifications, credentials, competencies, specialties, licensures and training.
  • Collect volunteer participation information including classroom training and exercises.
Train Volunteers As an integral part of our associate partner USA Prepare’s Public Health Virtual University it allows access to training based on volunteers’ background and job assignment. Training plans can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals, their background and experience. The system allows volunteers the opportunity to receive training in a standardized learning environment, as their schedule permits, from any computer with Internet access.

Curriculum is discipline-specific and can be customized to accommodate participants with different levels of education and expertise. Individuals are provided instruction based on their needs and can also measure their comprehension of the material.

Courses Include:
  • Strategic National Stockpile
  • Bio-Emergencies Core Concepts
  • Core Concepts: Chemical Agents
  • Basic Disaster Life Support - Disaster Paradigm
  • Disaster Response
  • Psychological Effects of Trauma
  • Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies
  • Blast Injuries
  • Avian Flu
Continuing Education Credits are available for First Responders, EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses and Physicians. Over 100 CE Courses...with more on the way!

During an incident, the VMS is accessed at the volunteer processing center, on location or via the internet. When the internet is accessible, both databases synchronize to ensure up-to-the-minute data availability.

What can VMS do for you?
  • Automate volunteer registration and data collection
  • Provide data for call-back when positions match qualifications
  • Automatically attach performance evaluation and feedback surveys to volunteer records
  • Refer , place, schedule, track and report on volunteer deployment
  • Provide predetermined job roles
  • Process spontaneous unaffiliated volunteers
The Volunteer Coordination Center is designed to enhance one or more processing points of entry and exit of a disaster operation for registered and spontaneous volunteers and provides for:
  • Initial orientation
  • Screening
  • Credentialing
  • Just-in-time training
  • Equipping
  • Workforce assignment
  • Transportation
  • Performance evaluation
  • Debriefing
With the VMS, you can recruit volunteers based on your emergency plan requirements for:
  • Medical and Mental Health Specialists
  • Law Enforcement
  • Security & Safety
  • Search and Rescue
  • Interpreters/Translators
  • Business Office
  • Financial Specialists
  • Logistics, Suppl y, Support and Transportation Specialists
  • Plans and Operations
  • Education and Training Specialists
  • Mass Care
  • Communications – Public Affairs and Communication Systems
This program is in compliance with:
  • The National Incident Management System
  • The National Response Framework
  • Emergency System for Advance Registration of Volunteer Healthcare
  • Personnel (ESAR - VHP)
  • Public Health Emergency Response Guide for State, Local and Tribal Public Health Directors

MFG Model #: VMS - Part #: vms - Price per EA(1 unit): Call for pricing!!!