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Defense Group, Inc. CoBRA 4.3
Defense Group, Inc. CoBRA 4.3
CoBRA 4.3
New Update Available for 4.2.1 ERG 2008
Provides critical resources and capabilities needed during any emergency response. The tools, databases, checklists, and incident reporting capabilities that are embedded in the CoBRA system facilitate and speed up the coordination of response to WMD or other large-scale incidents by any responder including fire, hazmat, law enforcement, emergency medical, bomb response and other public safety personnel.

New 4.3 Features Include:
  • Updated Databases include the latest CBRNE data and provide instant searching and filtering as you type
  • PPE database expanded to include Trelleborg data
  • Updated SOPS, Checklists, and Guides including a completely linked Emergency Response to Terrorism Job Aid and expanded medical response protocols
  • US Coast Guard CHRIS database added in searchable format
  • Nuclear Bomb / Improvised Nuclear Device Effects Tool
  • Customizable Database for your local Response data ready for loading
  • Unit Converter Tool for converting between units of area, force, energy, length, pressure, absorbed radiation, radiation activity, radiation exposure, time, velocity, volume, weight, and temperature
  • GPS Integration provides current location, speed, heading, and more, as well as adding a location stamp to all incident report entries
  • Integrated real-time weather display
  • Updated radiological exposure tool provides time and exposure limits for general public, first responders, and military operations in a hot zone, including calculation of dose from activity, adjustments for distance, user-adjustable dose limits, and much more
  • Upgraded Master Search tool allows for partial searches across all databases
  • Enhanced NFPA 704 tool provides search interface to chemical databases
  • MSDS database now supports facility information, enabling users to look up MSDS by storage location within facility
  • Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) standards implementation
  • Integration with DHS FEMA OPEN system for standards-compliant communication across emergency management systems
  • Improved Software Development Kit for enhanced 3rd party integration support
  • Integration with CoBRA Server for central incident logging, reporting, and query
  • Support for CoBRA add-ons including GIS / Plume Plotting, HICS, Exercise Aide, Forensics Toolset, and Crisis Negotiator Toolset
  • Expanded glossaries form WMD and radiological terms

Tools and Searchable Databases
Provide response, safety, first aid, and protection information on chemical, biological, radiological and explosives threats.

SOPs and Checklists
Address areas including WMD and other hazardous threat response, evidence collection and investigative procedures. Developed in consultation with a number of recognized international authorities in the field, these documents can be modified and adapted to suit a specific organization or department.

Provide informational planning and response resources from a variety of accredited government, military and commercial sources. Examples include the NIOSH Pocket Guide and the Jane’s Chem-Bio Handbook.

Electronic Form Tool
Provide the ability to complete standard format reports, such as ICS forms that are pre-loaded in CoBRA®, quickly with electronic submission to headquarters.

Incident Reporting
Records all user actions, including miscellaneous entries, in a current status log with a time and date stamp. CoBRA® conveniently wraps this log with any attached images, forms and other accessed information into a CoBRA® incident report that can be sent wirelessly or messengered to disseminate critical information in all directions during an incident.

Administrator Tool
> Free CoBRA® Administrator Tool allows each department to input its own plans, checklists, maps, MSDS, and other local data.

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